Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Are They?

The Eagles need to find themselves. No one in the media can decide who they are and you can tell by their play, they do not know. I think the screen game was a the best part of the Dallas game and that does constitute a run play. It seemed the routes the receivers were runnung took to long. When the deep ball is not there then the short dump pass and over the middle had to be there. When will the play caller get better at this. If the pass rush is too much then what do you do? Go back to the tape and watch the Saints. They are beating everyone and you cannot tell me they have some secret that no one can see. The Eagles are way too predictable. When I watch the game I can tell what play they rnning before the snap and the snap count. The snap is almost the same. This is common things the offense has to fix to win big games. Tell me your thoughts.

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