Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Run Game

Reporters sit at a table and talk about the Eagles run game all the time. It is like the traffic at 5pm, it is always there and annoying. None of these reporters think it is a problem the Eagles abandon it all the time. So let me tell you why all the reporters are wrong and they are not looking at the big picture. The run game does many things, even if you do not get 1 yard out of the play.

First, the run game helps, let me repeat helps the offense line with pass protection. Yes, pass protection because all game long the defenders already know what play is coming and they do not have to warrent any run defense so they just tee off on the offense. If the offense has a running game, wether it works or not, the line has that ability to fake a run block and give them the edge in the trenches. It also helps the line to feel good about working together because all of them just have to push the defender back instead of back pedalling the hole game.

The run game helps the quarter back. Do you think the quarter back should throw the ball 50 times every game. How many throws does a pitcher throw? The quarter back has to get tired by the end of the game. Also the play action-pass helps fake out defenders when you have short yardage plays. The defense has to respect the run game if the team sticks with it.

Even when you get 1 or 2 yards, it does not matter. The defense will tire eventually and the Eagles have the largest line in the NFL so eventually you will get some defenders breathing heavy and you can start to open things up down the feild.

This brings the final note to the run game. It controls the game. It controls the time of possession. And it controls the amount of time your defense gets to rest. I know the defense failed to stop the Chargers and the Cowgirls but our defense cannot rely on our offense to slow the game down and run the clock down for that nice long rest on the sidlelines to get pumped up and come out fresh to stop the opposing offense. Don't forget that if you can sustain a drive and keep the opposing offense on the side lines then it is harder for them to get moving. The run game is crucial and the reporters need to look at it from the big picture not just the stats.

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