Friday, November 13, 2009

Chargers Eagles Game

Mark my words... The Chargers are not stupid. Watch for them to come out and run the ball and screen game come alive. The Eagles D needs to stay sharp. They need to stay with their game plan as normal but use a spy to eliminate those big plays. If they blitz, it should be a run blitz and if they keep an eye on the running back in the blitz then they can stop the screen play. With that keep a saftey deep and we can win this game.

On the other side to the ball is play calling. The Eagles can be a "pound the ball" team if they want to be. We should line up and run the ball 6 times in a row. Eagles - Get crazy and control the clock, something you have never done before. You can show the NFL why the Eagles will win the Superbowl because all phases of this team do work if they want it to. RUN THE BALL. I an rooting for Weaver and Mccoy to have a huge game.

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