Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eagles Vrs. Charges

This is another equally matched fight with two second place teams in the division. Eagle's offense is 15th and Charge's offense is 17th. Eagle's D is 10th and Charger's is 11th. The key in the stats is the run Defense. Eagles are 10th but the Charges are 26th. If you remember all my other comments about the Eagles you know what I am going to say next. HELLO EAGLES - RUN THE BALL. Run it like it is your last game of the year. Keep the offense on the field and pound the rock. I want to see 8 to 10 run plays in a row. Make history Andy and run more times then pass. Please I beg you to run the ball. The Eagles have all the potential ti win the game if the play calling is right. I guess we will see. I am very excited for next week. And I love Thursday night football. And everyone out there say a prayer for Brian Westbrook and his injury. Head injuries are scary and I hope he can heal his head and get back.

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