Monday, November 9, 2009

Mid Season Report

Here we are half way complete. Eagles 5 wins and 3 losses. This is a good season so far and you have to think about all the aspects to this team and everything that has happened so far...

First we have the draft. Great job from the front office to pull things together from all these players that were drafted and contributing. Maclin needs more timing with Mcnabb but is working great. Mccoy is having a great season as a back up but better then most people think. Westbrook took him under his wing and you can see the teaching on the feild. Mccoy keeps improving every time he touches the ball.Brandon Gibson got us Witherspoon. This is probably the best deal the Eagles done in the draft yet. Will is a leader and obviously a great middle line backer.

Next we go to free agency. Peters is a great tackle and you can see him fitting in every week and as time goes on he is improving all the time. This is all from great coaching. Weaver is another great addition. We need Andy to let him run and run and block in every game. He is explosive and powerfull. This was my favorite add on this year. I love to see him pound the rock up the middle. I will not put Vick in this because the Eagles did not sign Vick to be a game changer. It is very obvious he is here to rebuild his life. I think this is fantastic for the Eagles to help a player out but he is not a game changer.

Next go to the old draft players. Justice is a wonderfull story and again , you have to go to the coaching staff for the improvements Justice made in 2 years. He could go to the pro bowl. Celek is a beast. He has the potential to be the best tight end around. Watching him catch and blow defenses up is a lot of fun. He continues to improve every game. Then there is Jackson. 180 pounds of speed and heart. When you see him play you have to know he is full of heart and that makes a player in the NFL a great player.

Finally there is the injury plague. What a loss in Andrews. You can tell the team had a lot running on Andrews. I am sorry to see that happen. In the NFL teams must be able to work thru injuries. Then Bradly goes down, this was huge. He was just turning into the heart of the defense. This guy will be back and when he does this team will be so much better. Then Gaither goes and this is not huge but gets us the chance for Witherspoon. Witherspoon, Bradly and Gocong will be the next best trio in line backers, you watch. I do not think Curtis is a big blow but it does effect the timing in the offense and we will see the offense get better everyweek.

That is what it is all about, getting better everyweek. Eagles will peak in the end of the season and that should scare the other teams. Look out for improvement as the weeks pass. The Eagles are on the right path to the end of the season and that should be all you want in a team. The only thing I want for Christmas is for Andy to realize in the last quarter of the game and you need a drive to win, you are aloowed to run the ball. RUN THE BALL.

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