Monday, November 16, 2009

Eagle's Play

What in the world? What do they do now? Where do they go from here? I do believe the Eagles do not read my blogs, that's for sure. Do they know what the I formation is? And will they ever line up and run they ball no matter how many yards they got on the first try? I am tired of this play. I know champion teams know how to tire out a defense and rest their own. How can our defense take a break when we do not control the game clock or they game period. The game needs to be won by control. All the teams that beat the Eagles control the game. They dictate to us what play to call. And why can't Mcnabb audible the formation once in awhile? Have you ever seen this? Donovan is smart and needs to control the offense more. Yes he can pass the ball and no one should doubt it. Even when the defense knows it is coming but to win games you need to give him a break and just give the ball to a back. This is killing the fans and this team is full of young and very talented players all around. The line did a great job with fill-ins and the receivers played their hearts out but the coaches seem to fail again to control the game. The defense is beat up so you need to find ways to keep the offense on the feld and do not forget the scoring part.

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