Monday, November 9, 2009


This concept is easy. Running the ball wins games. The run game is so very important to a teams success. Especially when the O-line is hurt or playing a strong pass rush team. Weaver up the middle was great but no enough. Mcnabb had an OK game. Some bad passes and some dropped balls but when you look at the last driver, run the ball could have won this game. No time outs and 4 minutes plus left in the game. A shot gun ply is not what we need. Line up and pound the middle of that defense. The Eagles have the most talented, athletic and one of the biggest lines in the NFL and we can run the ball. The play calling has to be fixed in these big games. Weaver up the middles was a success but not enough of it was used. Our defense played OK like the offense, some mistakes but not bad. They were tired. Too much passing and not enough running will always kill the Eagles. When the game is close you need to control the game. I am glad the team did not hang their heads and fought but the play calling needs to improve. This is now ten years of this, lets see a change now.

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