Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eagles Vrs Giants

This is it. The game of the year for the Eagles except the Dallas game at the end. This is a proving game. Who wants it more. I am concerned because the Eagles get into must wins and they fail their fans often but lets be optimistic. The Eagles better have the A game this Sunday and everyone should be excited. The signing of Reid is a great thing and now he needs to prove to all the fans why the Eagles extended his contract. The proof is in the pudding, right? I cannot wait for this game and the Eagles defense is the key to this game.

The Eagles played great defense last week and regained some confidence. Atlanta was beat up but still our beat up defense out played them and it started with Macho Harris. Yes, you heard me right Macho. Why? because he played Tony one-on-one and won the battle. Macho was jamming TG at the line and played him aggressive. I was watching it closely all game. I was very impressed with that game and Sean should keep Macho playing all tight ends this way the rest of the year and we WILL WIN OUT THE SEASON.

Second key is the line on both sides of the ball. I know everyone think this is key to the whole game but trust me take out the tight end with Macho and let our corners play man and we will win. The line needs to beat Giants on both sides. We can shut out the run and be careful about the double move and we will be great.

Tell me your thoughts. If you read my Vick game blog last week you can see I was exact with my thoughts. I want yours...

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