Monday, December 14, 2009

Consistance, Winning In December

This is why Andy Reid is great. Training camp is seen as punishment or hot and painfull days but it has meaning to some. Ask Andy why he has one of the hardest training camps in the Nfl. Take a look at the Cowboys and their "Hard Knocks". They have a training camp opposite to the Eagles. They do not have full contact and do they really pad up? Sheldon Brown said last week, "It is because of our training camp we are prepared for December football." And I agree with that. December is the time when your body is ready for more or you are not conditioned enough for the time of the year. Look at the records for proof. How are you feeling, Cowboys? Andy discilplines his team for a hard season and works them for preperation of the real "Hard Knocks" and creates and ready team for December

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