Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birds Vrs. 49ers

I watched the Cardinals on Monday night and without a quarterback that can scramble, the Niners had a great game plan. Dropping 7 and 2 deep was perfect and worked in coverage. That will not work for them with the Eagles. I hope they try it because McNabb will run 15 yards for the first. Every game now is crucial to the play-off run. The Eagles should want to win out for a easier run. They can do it and I can tell you why.

The Eagles are still learning how to use Vick and it keeps getting better. The Vick plays are exactly what we wanted when we signed him and now it is working. The pass play has messed up the defenses and as we speak the Niners are in film wonder what the ____ to do with the game plan. I think Marty will use him enough to get the offense going before there is any signs of a problem, this is key. We must use Vick when it is NOT neccessary to ensure successfull usage of his abilities. Keep the pressure off him for big gains.

Another key is the offense is still growing. This means we must stay balanced in the run and pass to keep Willis guessing. This line backer is a great athlete and is coached by the best. We must stay even to keep him tired and guessing for victory. Look for Weaver to pound the defense and Mccoy for some great success but Mccoy better keep the rock high and tight. I hope to see Westbrook but limited becuase you will see, he will be the difference in the play-offs, mark my words.

Finally it is time for the defense to gell with everyone back to their positions. Jordan back and Hanson must get the coverages back in set. I think when guys miss time, they get a bit confused in coverage. Hanson played great but with the two of them back I saw break downs in zone coverage and I also saw break down in the goal line coverage. Hanson was great when playing man. This will be fixed this week and I can see the Eagles shut down the Niners because Sean must be mad with the plays last week.

We will see the action this week and let me know your thoughts from fan to fan.

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